Nimbusnext BlitzzPay™ Offerings​
Transform adoption with Nimbusnext BlitzzPay™ Suite, empowering financial institutions
for efficient Fedwire, FedNow, and RTP integration and precision.
Nimbusnext BlitzzPay™ Simulator
Mastering ISO 20022 Testing for Unmatched Fedwire, FedNow, and RTP Performance!
Nimbusnext BlitzzPay™ Simulator is a Comprehensive Solution Empowering Financial Institutions to Test and Validate exhaustive ISO 20022 Fedwire, FedNow, and RTP Messages. It Ensures Accuracy, Rule Alignment, and Optimal Back/Middle Office Performance. Testers Navigate Happy and Unhappy Paths with Element-Level Precision, Confirming Message Accuracy in Real Time. Intuitive UI and Configurable Rules Expedite testing process, Allowing Testers to Efficiently Validate a Spectrum of Scenarios for Precise and Effective Testing.
Adaptable rules simulate diverse scenarios.
Prioritize review of unhappy and chaos conditions.
Real-time testing for downstream system behavior.
Simulation of the Creditor bank and the FedNowecosystem.
Simulation of the Creditor bank and the FedNow ecosystem.
Simulation of the Creditor bank and the Fedwire, FedNow, and RTP ecosystem.
Nimbusnext BlitzzPay™ Analytics
Transforming ISO 20022 Insights into Operational Excellence!
Nimbusnext BlitzzPay™ Analytics, powered by Microsoft Azure and Power BI, provides real-time insights for ISO 20022 Fedwire, FedNow, and RTP messages. Analyzing both incoming and outgoing payments, operations executives can make informed decisions, enhancing customer experience. Predefined 100+ KPIs and QnA features empower the Operations team to stay ahead of customer transaction behaviors, anomalies, and support needs. Seamless integration with a financial institution's data, coupled with customization, ensures operational readiness in just 6-8 weeks for comprehensive payment analytics
Ral-time payment analytics solution.
Pre-defined KPIs to drive operational excellence.
Customizable data ingestion and KPI widgets.
Customer Insights and Engagement - Geographic Info.
Customer Insights and Engagement - Customer Segmentation.
Customer Insights and Engagement - Usage Patterns.
Nimbusnext BlitzzPay™ API
Accelerate Time-to-Market and Ensure Consistent Development Excellence!
Nimbusnext BlitzzPay™ API revolutionizes ISO 20022-based messaging, concealing underlying complexities and business rules. Developers experience heightened productivity and consistency in handling Fedwire, FedNow, and RTP messages, navigating through an agile process. The comprehensive SDK and detailed documentation empower developers with confidence, ensuring swift productivity within days. Streamline your development journey with Nimbusnext BlitzzPay™ API, the key to efficient and reliable message processing.
Unified APIs cover Fedwire, FedNow, and RTP's all participation types
Enhancing developer productivity and standardization.
Comprehensive Swagger documentation.