The FedNow® Service acts as an Innovation Platform to empower Banks and FIs to build innovative use cases and business applications.
By fostering collaboration, embracing innovation, and leveraging cutting-edge technology solutions, banks, Fintechs, and Paytechs can collectively accelerate the adoption of FedNow, revolutionizing the landscape of real-time payments.

What Financial Institutions Need ?

Technology solutions needed for propelling Financial Institution into the
forefront of real-time payments innovation.
Integration Toolkit

Comprising pre-built APIs, libraries, and developer resources that simplifies the integration process, enabling banks to quickly connect their systems to the FedNow infrastructure and accelerate time-to-market for real-time payments.

Message Simulator

State-of-the-art FedNow Simulator that replicates the real-time payment environment, allowing banks to test and validate their systems, transaction flows, and response handling. By simulating various scenarios and stress-testing the infrastructur. Banks can identify and address potential issues, ensuring a smooth and successful FedNow adoption.


Analytics provides real-time insights and performance metrics, enabling banks to monitor transaction volumes, response times, and customer behavior. By leveraging these analytics, banks can optimize their processes, enhance customer experiences and drive continuous improvement in their FedNow adoption journey.

Our Offerings

Experience accelerated FedNow adoption with our comprehensive solutions suite, including BlitzzPay API, BlitzzPay Simulator, and BlitzzPay Analytics, empowering your organization to embrace real-time payments with ease and confidence.


We provide a highly adaptable pricing model for the BlitzzPay suite of solutions. The pricing for BlitzzPay API and BlitzzPay Simulator is flexible, with options including fixed monthly fees or costs based on the number of scenarios and message volume. Additionally, there are distinct cost structures for the cloud-based and on-premise versions. As for BlitzzPay Analytics, it entails fixed fees along with customization and implementation charges for specific use cases. Please reach out to for more details.

BlitzzPay API and BlitzzPay Simulator are accessible through the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, offering a seamless and secure environment for their deployment. Moreover, organizations have the flexibility to deploy containerized images of these solutions within their on-premise infrastructure, ensuring compatibility with their existing systems.

BlitzzPay Analytics requires on-premise implementation, allowing businesses to integrate it seamlessly with their existing applications and data sources. This ensures that organizations can harness the full power of BlitzzPay Analytics within their own infrastructure, leveraging valuable insights and data-driven decision-making capabilities

In addition to our suite of BlitzzPay solutions, we offer a range of complementary services aimed at expediting the adoption of the FedNow® service. Our comprehensive service portfolio includes application development, integration, and modernization, all designed to empower businesses in their journey toward embracing FedNow. By leveraging these services, organizations can accelerate their transition, seamlessly integrate with FedNow, and modernize their existing systems to fully leverage the potential of instant payments. You can find more details about our services at

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