BlitzzPay Simulator

A test sandbox for ISO 20022-based payment messages, transforming testing for FedNow and RTP.

BlitzzPay Analytics

Analytical platform with predefined KPIs extracting insights from ISO 20022 messages for business excellence.

BlitzzPay API

A suite of REST APIs streamlining processing of FedNow/RTP ISO 20022 messages, enhancing time-to-market.

BlitzzPay Test Data

A tool for generating ISO 20022 test data for FedNow and RTP scenarios driving testing efficiency.

Unlocking FedNow/RTP Potential

Embracing ISO 20022 Opportunities and Navigating Challenges



ISO 20022: Elevating payment experiences with standardized, enriched data. Seize new opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and interoperability in transactions. Testing challenges include

Comprehensive validation
Message validation covering diverse scenarios and error handling
Performance Optimization
Performance of systems handling ISO 20022 messages under various conditions
Adaptation to Changes
Flexible testing for evolving ISO 20022 standards and business changes
BlitzzPay Simulator



ISO 20022's comprehensive structure streamlines payments, offering the operations team efficient data handling, simplified workflows, and improved transaction insights.Operations challenges include

Real-time Insights
Striving for real-time analytics capabilities to extract meaningful insights
Error Resolution Efficiency
Swift identification and resolution of errors within ISO 20022 messages are crucial
Legacy System Integration
Integrating analytics into existing legacy systems demands careful planning
BlitzzPay Analytics


ISO 20022's comprehensive data model empowers development teams with a standardized framework, enhancing interoperability and accelerating the creation of innovative solutions. Development challenges include

Learning Curve
Developers face a learning curve in adapting to the extensive and detailed ISO 20022 standard
Data Mapping Complexity
Mapping data to adhere to the ISO 20022 format is challenging
Version Management
Managing different versions of the ISO 20022 standard and staying current is difficult
BlitzzPay API

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